The Fabulous HEMMENS Pencil Skirt

Very Cherry Get the look

Verry Cherry HEMMENS Pencil Skirt

Well ladies, I’ve been putting a list together of some items you just MUST have in your wardrobe! The fashionable basics that stay in style for a while and always look classy. One of those items is the pencil skirt. It shows the curves you have as a women, it’s not too short so it covers most imperfections, it’s versatile and can be worn out to dinner, to a business function or to a party.

Here are some points I found helpful when choosing a pencil skirt:

  1. The hemline should be around knee length
  2. The pencil skirt looks best when it’s worn with heels!
  3. Getting a pencil skirt with a high waist gives you more options for pairing it with tops AND it tucks in your belly!
  4. It should fit tight, just make sure you can sit and it has a slit or a vent that makes it easy to walk in.
  5. Choose a pencil skirt that has a little stretch to the fabric. It will look better, fit better and make it easier to move!
To do my own twist on the classic favorite, I have made a pencil skirt out of leather, HEMMENS style!!  I call it “The very cherry pencil skirt.” Hope you love the fun color and super chic fit as much as I do! I am offering this skirt on my website as “Pre-Order” giving me a chance to get your measurements and make you your very own HEMMENS pencil skirt with a custom fit.
Very Cherry Pencil Skirt

Very Cherry HEMMENS Pencil Skirt

Much Love,



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