Sneak Peak, HEMMENS Holiday 14,’ Woman’s Photoshoot!

As the release date for my HEMMENS fashion video gets closer, I want to share a few behind the scenes pictures!

As you can imagine, the day of the shoot was SUPER crazy. We started doing hair and makeup around 8:30 am while the camera crew was setting up and I was doing last-minute checks on the outfits. I had 4 models, 2 makeup artists, 3 photographers, 2 stylists, an amazing hair stylist and 2 video crew members.  This is just to mention a FEW of the amazing people who helped this shoot come together!  A special thanks to Ana Vega, Nicolina Royale, Winky Wu and Premise Martin for providing their amazing accessories to go with my leather clothing!

IMG_7399 Gabe Style Ali 2 Nat ft rouch blk clutchClaudia editorial 2

Thank you to Everyone for helping, more to come later!

Much Love,

Natalie Hemmens


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