MAGIC Tradeshow Preparation Video!

A funny original HEMMENS video, featuring luxury handbags and clothing by HEMMENS and Ana Vega. Continue reading


HEMMENS Fashion Illustration of Actress/ Model Alix Maria


This is a gorgeous Fashion Illustration of the HEMMENS “Queen Bee” dress worn by model & actress Alix Maria. Our illustration features the Ana Vega for HEMMENS “Whoz Bad” cross body handbag and a heart shaped necklace by jewelry designer Nicolina Royale.

Fashion Illustration by the fabulous Judyth Floresca!
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HEMMENS Fashion Illustration of Actress Heather Hemmens

I LOVE fashion illustrations! This is one of my favorites. My sister, Heather Hemmens dressed in a HEMMENS bralette, skirt and of course a leather bag and bracelet! Judyth Floresca is an amazing fashion illustrator and is currently working on some more illustrations for the HEMMENS & Ana Vega brands. You rock lady!


HEMMENS Collection, Holiday 2014


Hi everyone! We’re now featuring our first video blog! The HEMMENS Holiday 2014 Collection for the Fall! Take a look at it, share it, and let us know what you think!

First Blog Video Sneek Peek

peak at first video blog

First Video Blog Sneak Peek

Hi everyone! Here’s a little peek at what’s coming on Monday! Our first blog video featuring our fall line apparel!

All Hail the Queen Bee

Introducing our last Fall line leather dress, the “QUEEN BEE” Royal Dress brings about a simple look with opulent taste. Check it out at the store.

Hemmens Queen Bee Royal Dress

Queen Bee Royal Dress

I’m So Fancy

Introducing our third line of leather based clothing “I’m So Fancy”.  The I’m so fancy clothing line consists of the Bralette and Tiered Skirt. Bring about your fancy side with this sleek black and gold leather outfit.

Hemmens Leather I'm So Fancy Bralette

I’m So Fancy Bralette

Hemmens leather I'm So Fancy Tiered Skirt

I’m So Fancy Tiered Skirt

HEMMENS: Leather, Lifestyle, and Luxury

Hi Everyone,

I would like to present our introductory video. The first in a series of upcoming videos we will be making. It features our philosophies, aspirations, and message as a brand! Please take a look and let us know what you think!

Natalie Hemmens Fashion Handbags and Accessories Los Angeles

Behind the scenes of our future video content.

Hello My Friends!

This year, I’ve been thinking about new ways to communicate with you, my friends AND my clients while having fun! My bright idea has been to start video blogging. Continue reading