Single Ladies and Royal Candy

Today we’re featuring another black and gold pair of handbags called the “SINGLE LADY” a rectangle clutch that brings about a sleek style and the “ROYAL CANDY” a gold trapezoid box clutch that is a perfect match for those opulent looks.

Hemmens Single Lady Rectangle Clutch

Single Lady Rectangle Clutch


HEMMENS Royal Candy Trapezoid Box Clutch

Royal Candy Trapezoid Box Clutch



Light My Fire With Your Heart of Gold

Monday Morning’s feature are two incredible handbags called “LIGHT MY FIRE” a vibrant red crossbody handbag and “HEART OF GOLD” a rectangle clutch with the color of opulence.

Hemmens Light My Fire Crossbody Handbag

Light My Fire Crossbody Handbag

Hemmens Heart of Gold Rectangle Crutch

Heart of Gold Rectangle Crutch

 Golden Screw and Hollywood Glamour

Today’s  featured handbags are “GOLDEN SCREW” a rectangle clutch handbag utilizing golden screws for a unique touch and the “HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR” a trapezoid box clutch that emphasizes simplicity to accompany more classic fashion styles.

Hemmens Golden Screw Rectangle Clutch

Golden Screw Rectangle Clutch

Hemmens Hollywood Glamour Trapezoid Box Clutch

Hollywood Glamour Trapezoid Box Clutch

I’m So Fancy

Introducing our third line of leather based clothing “I’m So Fancy”.  The I’m so fancy clothing line consists of the Bralette and Tiered Skirt. Bring about your fancy side with this sleek black and gold leather outfit.

Hemmens Leather I'm So Fancy Bralette

I’m So Fancy Bralette

Hemmens leather I'm So Fancy Tiered Skirt

I’m So Fancy Tiered Skirt

The Goddess of Black Cherry

Today’s feature is our very own “BLACK CHERRY” a black and red colored crossbody handbag and the “GODDESS” a gold trapezoid clutch meant to bring out the fancy. Check out the new items on our website!

Hemmens Black Cherry Crossbody Handbag

Black Cherry Crossbody Handbag

Hemmens Goddess Trapezoid Box Clutch

Goddess Trapezoid Box Clutch