FIDM Alumni Panel- Business of Fashion

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Audience panel
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5:30 pm, Thursday, January 29th, 2015.
It is 1 hour before the FIDM Alumni panel here at Makercity. I am honored that I was chosen as one of the panelist to speak about business and the world of fashion. My years at FIDM, the most difficult years of my life (due to my full time work & full time school schedule) are coming full circle. My education, experience and expertise are being highlighted during the panel discussion due to the business I have created called HEMMENS.
I’m not nervous, more excited I would say, to share my experiences with my fellow peers and aspiring business owners. I have had help every step of the way and so many people that have trusted me, believed in me and still do!
12:30pm, Monday, February 2nd, 2015.
The panel event went fantastic! I met so many audience members who are interested in starting or building up their fashion business. I hope that my words have helped in some way clarify some of the steps and options they have available to them as they head down the road of entrepreneurship!
Here are some pictures of the event, special thanks to @MakerCityLA for hosting and inviting me to join the panel. Also, to the one and only Bill Cliatt @FIDMALUMNI for mediating the event and being such a supportive advisor. It was a pleasure to share the stage with @rachaeldickhute and Rebecca Eliason@NatalieHemmens  #thebusinessoffashion #theatelier #HEMMENS


Sweet Victory of the Smoother Operator, Whoz Bad

Our last fall handbag feature are “Sweet Victory” a white crossbody handbag with snakeskin print, “Whoz Bad” another classic black crossbody handbag, and “Smooth Operator” a black rectangle clutch with raised dots.

Sweet Victory Crossbody Handbag

Sweet Victory Crossbody Handbag

Whoz Bad Crossbody Handbag

Whoz Bad Crossbody Handbag


Smooth Operator Rectangle Clutch


aised dots.

Power Play With a Wild Thang

Power Play with a Wild Thang. Today’s feature is another lustrous black crossbody handbag called “POWER PLAY” and “WILD THANG” a rectangle clutch with a stone grey look.

HEMMENS Power Play Crossbody Handbag

Power Play Crossbody Handbag


HEMMENS Wild Thang Rectangle Clutch

Wild Thang Rectangle Clutch


Upgrade Me Oreo

Friday’s feature are two additional black sleek handbags. The “OREO” crossbody clutch handbag and the “UPGRADE ME” trapezoid box clutch with handle.

HEMMENS Oreo Crossbody Handbag

Oreo Crossbody Handbag


HEMMENS Upgrade Me Trapezoid Box Clutch

Upgrade Me Trapezoid Box Clutch


Single Ladies and Royal Candy

Today we’re featuring another black and gold pair of handbags called the “SINGLE LADY” a rectangle clutch that brings about a sleek style and the “ROYAL CANDY” a gold trapezoid box clutch that is a perfect match for those opulent looks.

Hemmens Single Lady Rectangle Clutch

Single Lady Rectangle Clutch


HEMMENS Royal Candy Trapezoid Box Clutch

Royal Candy Trapezoid Box Clutch


Light My Fire With Your Heart of Gold

Monday Morning’s feature are two incredible handbags called “LIGHT MY FIRE” a vibrant red crossbody handbag and “HEART OF GOLD” a rectangle clutch with the color of opulence.

Hemmens Light My Fire Crossbody Handbag

Light My Fire Crossbody Handbag

Hemmens Heart of Gold Rectangle Crutch

Heart of Gold Rectangle Crutch